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Today’s golfers face a number of challenges that can seem overwhelming. Golfers are faced with Information overload of many different methods, concepts, and so called “cures”, it’s exhausting. Often these other programs are filled with complex instructions that cause paralysis by analysis. And on top of all that, these programs are usually very expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient.
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“I took up golf three years ago. Caleb helped me immensely. Golf Simple and Caleb broke things down so that I could better understand. He helped with all aspects of my game. I can still hear his voice, as I step up to the ball every time.”
Sarah B.
“The game of golf is anything but simple, but Golf Simple manages to strip the essentials of a golf swing into manageable, easy to understand elements. And Caleb teaches his program in an upbeat and clear manner. Caleb makes you feel good about yourself and your game.”
Vyvyan B.
“Caleb’s program and teaching style are right on. Caleb takes a complex game and complex motions and breaks it down into minimal steps and simplifies thought processes to make the game more enjoyable. If you want to play better golf and have a more enjoyable game then Golf Simple is the way to go. Thank you Caleb!!”
Walter K.