Connection Bag

When tucked underneath your lead arm, Golf Simple’s connection bag teaches you to keep your arm connected to your body so your swing will direct your ball on target.

Stability Ball

Used to insure a stable lower body during the backswing, Golf Simple’s stability ball will help you unleash power on the downswing.

Short Game Target

Giving you a visual focus for where to land the ball, Golf Simple’s short game target offers instant feedback to ensure that you are landing short game shots where you aim them.

Alignment Sticks

Alignment is key to playing consistent golf, and alignment sticks are the key to ensuring you are lining up properly.

Simple Chipper

Fit right on the end of any club, the simple chipper assists you in making the correct chipping/pitching motion every time.

Golf Simple Field Guide

Designed to fit in your back pocket like a yardage book, the Golf Simple guide will give you access to tips and reminders while on the course or practice range.