What’s in the Box?

GS Guide

The Golf Simple guide was designed to fit in your back pocket like a yardage book, and can also easily fit into your bag. The guide was also designed to allow the golfer to access the needed information while on the course or practice range.

Alignment Sticks (2)

Alignment is key to playing consistent golf, and alignment sticks are the key for making sure a golfer is lining up properly. Each Golf Simple Box includes (2) alignment sticks so the golfer can make sure they are always lining up properly.

Connection Bag

The Golf Simple Connection Bag is designed to fit underneath your lead arm. The connection bag helps the lead arm remain connected to the body and not allowing the arms to run the swing.

Simple Chipper

The Simple Chipper is the best training aid for chipping. It fits right on the end of any club and helps assist the golfer in making the correct chipping/ pitching motion.

Stability Ball

The stability ball is a great training aid used to insure a stable lower body during the back-swing. This helps create power during the back swing, that will be unleashed during the downswing.

Short Game Target

The short game target helps golfers focus on where they are trying to land the ball when chipping or pitching. It offers instant feedback for golfers to see if they are landing in the proper place.

$140 (purchase the kit)

  • Golf Simple Kit
  • Golf Simple Videos
  • Practice Plan

Golf Simple Sample Guide: “The Natural Grip”

Golf Simple Sample Video: “The Natural Grip”

Today’s golfers face a number of challenges that can seem overwhelming. Golfers are faced with Information overload of many different methods, concepts, and so called “cures”, it’s exhausting. Often these other programs are filled with complex instructions that cause paralysis by analysis. And on top of all that, these programs are usually very expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient.
But there is a solution….