Golf Simple was created to unlock confidence and increase joy, providing approachable, easy instruction that is relaxed, personal, and fun. We believe that focusing on the process – not the result – releases your ability to learn and play golf effortlessly. The Golf Simple program is the last lesson you’ll ever need.

Developed to relieve the frustration and disappointment felt by so many golfers, Golf Simple uses a comprehensive, mindful approach that builds on the fundamentals of optimum body mechanics to anchor every drive, putt, and chip as you develop reliable muscle memory and discover your own natural movement. At the same time, the program helps you tune in to and trust your body to get your game out of your head, freeing you up to play with ease and improve at your own pace.

The Golf Simple program provides all the tools you need to foster consistency from shot to shot. To help boost athletic performance, our straightforward instruction is complemented by a collection of high-quality training aids and expert coaching videos to help players of all skill levels customize a personal improvement routine.